Stream statistics of the 2. SKL

The most views of online broadcasts of matches in the regular part of the 2nd SKL are (on the 10. 4. 22) the KK PORTOROŽ team had (on average, 346 spectators watched KK Portorož matches online.)

The tables below show online views of the matches of the 2nd SKL teams according to the criteria when they were at home or away and together. BC MESARIJA PRUNK Sežana had the most views as a host (448.0 per match), followed by BC Portorož (393.6) and BC Litija (372.5). KD SLOVAN was the most watched guest (371.5 spectators per match), followed by TROTI (358) and GORICA (373.1).

The KK PORTOROŽ team had the most views in total (346.3 views per match), followed by KK MESARIJA PRUNK Sežana (335.3) and LITIJA (311.9).


Also in the second match of the finals of the 2nd SKL, Škofja Loka were better than Troti. TROTI NOVO MESTO - LTH CASTINGS ŠKOFJA LOKA 81:85 (15:31, 14:20, 30:19. 22:15)

The first hal of the game Troti played very disappointing, and so the first half basket difference led to the final defeat, the guests won the half with +22 (29-51). It looked like the experienced guests would surely win the second final match as well. The locals did not agree with this and with the loud support of many fans, they reduced the difference from minute to minute. At the end of the 3rd quarter it was -11 (59- 70). Two minutes before the end of the match, with a triple by Ristić, the Troti equalized to 80:80, it didn't work out anymore and the guests who dominated the entire league deservedly won 81: 85.

Match statistics at this link!

Final 2 SKL: LTH Castings beat Troti at home

In the first match of the 2nd SKL playoff finals, LTH Casting convincingly beat Troti from Novo Mesto. The series is played on two won matches. The Troti resisted the home team until the end of the 6th minute, when the result was last tied at 15.

Then the home team played more aggressively in defense and by the end of the quarter they had 5 points lead (26:21). In the second quarter, the home team quickly took the lead by 12 points (33:21) and won the half with a result of 50:33. The home team increased the result in the third quater to +29 (78:49), until the end the guests managed to slightly reduce the result - the final result was 91:73.

LTH CASTINGS - TROTI 91:73 ( 26: 11, 24: 12, 26: 16, 15: 24)


AKK Branik and VBO Ljubljana dropped out of the 2nd SKL

In the last round of the "play-out" for survival in the 2nd SKL, Postojna hosted Medvode and they needed a victory to stay, assuming that the Maribor team will beat Ljubljana at home. In Postojna, Medvode could also afford to lose by up to 12 points. As expected, both Postojna and Maribor won, both harder than expected, in the round of three teams with the same number of points the point difference decided the classification : first Postojna, second Medvode and third Branik, which will play in the third league next year .

PVC NAGODE Postojna - BRINOX Medvode 56: 49 ( 17: 16, 19: 16, 9: 13, 11:4)

In Postojna, the first half was tied, the first quarter was won by the locals for a point, the second for 3 points). Also in the third quarter, the game was tied, the importance of the match made its own, the hosts missed many throws for 3 points and the guests got a quarter with a partial result of 9:13 and thus tied at 45:45. The nervous game continued in the last quarter, where the teams scored a total of only 15 points. Postojna won the last quarter with the result 11: 4 and with the expected victory secured a place in the 2nd SKL next season as well. The guests from Medvode also secured a stay in the 2. league with a defeat of less than 12 points. In Postojna, the best individuals were Borse 14 points and Jakobčič 11 points, while in Medvode Ribnikar 11 points and Brenkuš 9 points.

AKK Branik - VBO Ljubljana : (26: 11, 10: 27, 21: 13, 26: 17)

After a convincing lead in the first quarter by 15 points, a turnaround followed in the second quarter and the guests won the half with a result of 36:38 - mainly thanks to Križanič 12 points and Kocijančič 9 points (3 three-pointers). In the third quarter, the Maribor team played harder in the defense and turned the result in their favor again, the quarter ended with a partial result of 21:13 and the lead of the hosts by 6 points (57:51). In the last quarter, the home team increased the difference with a routine game and in the end won with the result 82:68. The victory did not guarantee the Maribor team a place in the 2nd SKL. Struger with 23 points and Hrštić with 18 were the most efficient among the hosts, while Križanič with 16 points and Kocijančič with 9 points were the most efficient among the guests.