Victory of Portorož

In the first match of the championship, our members defeated Brinox Medvode, the final score was 90:63. In the first quarter, the home team gained a minimal advantage of 26:14. In the second quarter, the guests reduced the result to 39:36 after a series of home defects. The match was decided in the third quarter, which the hosts won with a result of 30:12. The last quarter was again tied, the Portorož team won with a result of 21:15. With the victory, the people of Portorož once again took 2nd place in the standings.

In other matches, Postojna defeated Branik 77:67, Troti were better than Celje 95:68, Ljubljana beat Litija 78:68, in Sežana 5 victories were won by LTH Castings Škofja loka 75:92 and thus remained the only undefeated.

Members of KK Portorož in the continuation of the season

Standing: coach Miška, Škerbec, Jovanović, Kojadinović, Šćekić, Vac, Hodžić, assistant. coach Nusdorfer Row under: Krmac, Tumpić Bordon, Hrovat, Rogelja, Cvetičanin and Vogrin.

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