Victory in Maribor’s Lukna

Victory in Maribor's Lukna

The sailors are returning from snowy Maribor with an important victory. The Portorož team also went on tour to Maribor without the injured Radanovič and Katonar. Due to work obligations, Jovanović was not present, and the injured captain Cvetičanin also arrived with the team.
The sailors started the match excellently and, thanks to Miklavčič's triples and Škerbec's baskets, they quickly gained the lead. The sailors won the first quarter with a result of 21:25.
In the first quarter, the home team managed to stop Rogelja with a close cover, but they still played and with the help of Hodžić, Kavgić, Krmac and Žiković, Portorož won the highest difference of +17 (30:47 in the 17th minute). . By halftime, the hosts managed to reduce the result to -14 (37:51), mainly thanks to the tall Nuhanovic, who picked up the jumps in the attack and finished them with light baskets.
In the third quarter, the attack of the locals followed, their best individual Hrstić played from all positions and the advantage of the sailors was growing from minute to minute, Portorož gave up in defense, as Rogelja and Hodžić got 4 personal fouls, Škerbec and Kavgić had 3 each. Due to the short bench (played by 7 players), the intensity of the defense decreased, which the locals took advantage of and approached -2.
In the last 10 minutes of the match, Portorož started with +4 (66:70).
In the last quarter, the home team took the second lead in the match 83:82 (in the 38th minute), followed by the penetration of Rogelja for + 3, then an unsuccessful attack of the home team and two free throws by Škerbec for + 3 (83:86). With Nuhanovič's basket, the home team reduced it to 85:86, then Škerbec scored again 85:88.
Fifty seconds before the end, Nuhanovič picked up a jump in the attack and scored a basket under the offense. He missed an additional free throw (87:88).
in the jump Kavgič made a personal error on Hristić and the home team had a free throw 13 seconds before the end of the match
for re-leadership. Hristić missed twice, the jump picked up Rogelj, over whom a foul was committed.
Rogelj scored the first goal (87:89), missed the second, Škerbec got the jump in the attack, over which the locals are
4 seconds before the end committed an offense. Škerbec routinely realized both free throws 87:91 and the home team only managed to mitigate the 90:91 defeat with a triple by Pešak in the last second.

Deserved victory of the decimated Portorož for which the baskets were scored by: Škerbec 28, Rogelja 21, Hodžić 19, Miklavčič 11, Kavgič 4, Žiković 6 and Krmac 2.

With the victory, Portorož from 7. places jumped to 4. position 2. SKL .

The VBO Ljubljana team is expected at ŠD Lucija on Saturday at 3 pm.

Then we end the first part of the championship with a postponed match 6. Then we end the first part of the championship with a postponed match 6.

The second part of the championship will be started by Portorož with a home game on the 13th. round against Prunk Butchery 8.1. 2022 at 8 pm in ŠD Lucija.
THe game of the 12. round, which should be played on 26.12.21, Portorož will play in Nova Gorica 12.1.2021 1 . 2022.

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