Troti first finalists of the 2. SKL 2022

In the second match of the semifinals of the 2nd SKL, Portorož conceded victory to Novo mesto for the fourth time this year. Portorož played the match again without two players Krmac (injury) and Kavgič (illness). There was no story from the first minute, the guests led the whole match and in the end deservedly won high.

KK PORTOROŽ - KK TROTI NOVO MESTO 65:86 (19:23, 14:22, 21:22, 11:19). For Troti, Pavič has a good scored 23 points, had 11 rebounds and an efficiency of 33. In addition to Pavič, Janc has an excellent game with 16 points and Prus with 13 points.

At Portorož, Škerbec was again the most efficient with 23 points (with a 100% throw from the game: 8: 8 for 2P and 2: 2 for 3P, missed one free throw (5: 6-83%), Rogelja added 16 points (with a bad percentaul from the field: 6-17 -35%), Radanovič added 12 points with an equally very bad percentual 3-12 (25%) caught 8 rebounds under both baskets.

Unfortunately, there was no team game in today's match, which adorned the sailors in important victories, the ball did not circulate, individuals too often decided on independent actions with poor concusions, consequently there was no realization in the attack and the high victory of the guests was well deserved. At the end of the season, we can summarize that the goal of 6th place in the 2nd SKL was achieved, with the placement in the semifinals, the sailors exceeded this year's plans. Unfortunately, this year's season was also strongly marked by the Covid-19 epidemic, which left the sailors incomplete in more than half of the matches, resulting in a black streak of 6 consecutive defeats in January and February this year. Nevertheless, the team managed to come together and finished the season in 6th place with 11 wins and 11 losses. The final outcome of the league season is 13 wins and 14 losses.


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