Tim Škerbec and Urban Hrovat in BC Portorož


To end the 2020/2021 season, KK Portorož strengthened its wing player Škerbec Tim (1993), who played very successfully in the Italian C league last season. After the competition was suspended, he decided to return to his home club and is definitely a big gain under the basket. He chose the jersey number 22.

urban hrovat #3

Urban Hrovat (2001) joined the club as the organizer of the game, last season he played for KD Slovan, and before that for the younger categories and members of KK Koper Primorska. Urban will try to replace Gorbach, who left Portorož when the championship was suspended and went to play in the German championship. He chose the number 3 jersey.

v soboto 20. 3. 2021 ob 20 spletni prenos

kk portorož - kk brinox medvode

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