The year concluded with a victory

The senior team of KK Portorož played against the first-ranked team in the league Slovan in Ljubljana at Kodeljevo. They played the postponed game of the 6th round and beat Slovan 92:96 (28:29, 17:20, 17:22, 30:25) in a tense final. In a very even match, the sailors were in the lead for the most part, the result was tied twelve times, the last time with a result of 79:79 in the 35th minute of the match. The first quarter was won by Portorož with the result of 28:29, Tim Škerbec proved himself with 4 consecutive three-pointers, Germ stood out with the locals, was extremely reliable in the throw for 3 points. In the second quarter guests were better and won with 45:49. The guests took the highest lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter - it was 62:74. This was followed by a shooting eclipse of the sailors and a series of 15: 0 home games for a turnaround of 77:74. Rogelja equalized with with a triple, the home team took the lead again with a Lamut basket 79:77, Hodžić equalized, then Krmac scored a triple and the sailors were again in the lead 79:82, which they did not let go until the end of the match. The home team came closest 48 seconds before the end with a three-pointer by Tratnik 92:93, followed by some incorrect passes on both sides, the match ended with a reliable free throws by Škerbec 92:96. Anže Germ was the top scorer for the home team with 29 points (8 three-pointers), while Rogelja scored 35 points and Škerbec 32 points for the sailors. Hodžić scored 15 points and 14 rebounds for the double-double. Points were also scored by: Kavgič 7, Krmac 3, Radanović 1, Žiković 3.
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