The victory of the sailors in the derby 87:83

In the long-awaited match of the new season 2. SKL Portorož defeated the always unfavorable team KD Gorica.

SKL Portorož defeated the always unfavorable team KD Gorica.
The first points in the 2021/2022 season were scored by the home captain Aleks Cvetičanin, in the second home attack he scored a triple and the first lead in the match (3: 0). In the continuation of the first quarter, the teams alternated in the lead, however, the home team won the first quarter with the result of 22:21. Also in the second quarter, none of the teams gained a bigger advantage, the highest difference for the home team was 44:40 at halftime. In the continuation of the match, the team was joined by the experienced Kavgič, which was evident in the jumps and realization in the attack. Twice the sailors managed to make a difference of 12 (52:40) and again by 8 points, but the Goričani did not give up and were constantly back in the game, mainly thanks to the throws for 3 points.
In the last minute, the two teams equalized 81:81, then Kavgič, after a missed throw for 3 points, jumped in the attack and scored the first of two free throws. The next attack was wasted by the guests. The sailors launched a decisive attack, which was completed by Kavgič with a throw for 3 points in the last second and it was 85:81. Goričani then managed to reduce it with free throws to 85:83, they made a quick foul on Škerbec, who hit only the first free throw. Fortunately, the ball was caught by Kavgič, over whom the guests made a new personal error. Kavgič again scored only the first free throw, which was enough to win 87:83.

The best individual and scorer of the match was Tim Škerbec (effectiveness: 27, 22 points, 9 rebounds. Rogelja recorded his first double-double 19 points, 10 assists effectiveness 17.
Statistical (+/-) Radanović 10, Cvetičanin 9, Rogelja 6, Krmac 5.
Points were also scored by: Kavgić 10, Miklavčič 15, Krmac 4, Jovanović 2, Rogelja 19, Radanović 8, Cvetičanin A. 7., Škerbec 22.

The weak point of the home team today were free throws, they missed as many as 14 (!), 21:35 60%.

Portorož got a jump of 40:30, assists 19:15, Goričani were better in throws 45%: 49% and in free throws 60%: 74%.

The best individuals in Gorica: Močnik 22 points 9 assists, Valentinuzzi and Marcetič 12 points each (4/5 for 3 points).

On Tuesday, the sailors have a cup match in Radovljica, and on Saturday they will play at the Prunk Butcher's in Sežana.

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