Stopping competitions

Green light for professional athletes, individual sports and the biggest competitions (without spectators).

At a correspondence session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a Decree on temporary restrictions on the performance of sports activities during a new coronavirus pandemic.

The decree stipulates that sports and physical activity and the process of sports training are not allowed. Nevertheless, the process of sports training is allowed to athletes with the title of Olympic, world, international and perspective class and professional athletes over the age of 15 who are entered in the register of professional athletes at the ministry responsible for sports.

Approved competitions at the highest level as well as domestic international events.

In collective sports it is allowed to hold competitions at the highest quality level, in individual sports it is allowed to hold large domestic and international sports events. The presence of spectators at sports competitions is not allowed.

This means that all national basketball competitions except the 1st league in the membership competition for men and women are stopped.

We are also expecting a notification from KZS.

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