SPAR Cup Portorož in 3. round

The return matches of the SPAR Cup were played. Due to illness in the Ipros Vrhnika team, the return match in Portorož was canceled and registered with 20: 0 for Portorož.
There were big result reversal in the matches Slovan-Krško 92:61 (Slovan has compensated -23 points from the first match), Troti-Hrastnik 83:67 (Troti -15 from the first match). The turnaround was almost successful for Sežana in Škofja Loka, they won 78:84 and remained too short by 4 points (they lost the first match by 10).

AKK Branik rebounded the - 6 from the first match, beating Kolpa 86:71 in the return match.

Gorica was also successful in the second round (beating Ajdovščina 81:68). Medvode lost the first match against Nutrispoint Ilirija 48:80.

The return match Postojna - Janče will be on 3.11. (Ljubljana won the first match 67:95).

THE DRAW DETERMINED THE PAIRS of the third round (SECOND LEAGUE teams pairs listed) SPAR Cup :
the first matches will be from 9. to 11. 11. , return matches 16.11.
AKK Branik - Zlatorog
Postojna/Janče - ECE TRiglav
Gorica - LTH Castings
Ilirija/Medvode - GGD Senčur
Ježica - Portorož
Slovan - Troti

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