Semifinals of the 2nd SKL: victories of Ilirija and Postojna

The first semi-final matches of the 2nd SKL play-off were played on Saturday. Illyria justified the role of favorite and defeated LTH Castings with 90:76. In the second match, the surprise was prepared by the team from Postojna, who defeated Trote 65-67 away. It was hardly Trot’s second defeat this season. The return matches will be on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

After the quarterfinal matches, the final ranking of the teams from 5th to 8th is also known. cities in the 2nd SKL in the 2020/2021 season:

Due to a better mutual ratio of victories, the 5th place was taken by the team from Ljubljana, Portorož is 6th, Litija 7th and AKK Branik 8th.

Play-OUT: Sežana and Medvod win. Sežana beat Gorica 75-64 in the home court, Medvode celebrated again in Celje, it was 58-75. Sežana and Medvode are at the top of the PLAY-OUT scale.


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