Postojna with a victory over Portorož at the top of the 2nd SKL

The postponed match of the 9th round of the 2nd SKL was played in Postojna, the Portorož team was weakened, the first scorer of KK Portorož and the 2nd scorer of the 2nd SKL Andraž Rogelja and reinforcement Tim Škerbec (rehabilitation after Covid-19) and captain Cvetičanin did not play ). Thus, the Portorož youngsters were given the opportunity to prove themselves. Unfortunately, they did not take advantage of this opportunity, the players are one of the worst games of the season, there was no desire to outplay, poor defense and even worse throws from the game, so the final result was only 50 points. As the personnel situation is not expected to improve on Saturday, we can only hope that the Portorož team will show more desire to win the match against Ljubljana. With its approach and proven game, the Postojna team justified its role as the favorite and clearly showed that it is aiming for the very top of the table and will probably face Nutrispoint Ilirija for the title of champion. Despite the defeat, Portorož kept the 5th place, the schedule until the end is very difficult, because in addition to Ljubljana (which is in the winning streak) there are two teams from the top of the table (LTH Castings Škofja Loka and Nutrispoint Ilirija), and Portorož hosts on unfavorable terrain at Celje, which is the biggest disappointment in the championship so far.

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