Postojna and Troti in the play-offs

Four matches before the end of the regular part of the championship (due to the Covid-19 epidemic, only one round is played), KK PVD NAGODE Postojna and TROTI Novo mesto secured a place in the playoffs. According to the projections until the end of the championship, 6 wins are enough for a reliable place in the play-offs. According to the results so far and the planned schedule until the end of the league, 5 wins will probably be enough. vo probably one went to PLAY-OUT. Even the play-out is just a formality, as no team is eliminated this year. The KK Brinox Medvode team is in the most difficult situation, as they would achieve a maximum of 4 victories in the remaining matches with 100% results. The Portorož team needs another victory to secure a place in the playoffs, the first opportunity will be today at 7 pm, when the Ljubljana team comes to the guests.

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