On Wednesday, the first semifinal match of the 2nd SKL

The first semi-final match of the 2nd SKL between Troti and Portorož will be played in Novo mesto on Wednesday.
The match will start at 7 pm in the Livada sports hall.
The hosts are favored, they beat Portorož twice in the regular season, in Portorož the result was 85:98 for the Troti, in Novo mesto the Troti were again better with a result of 75:89.
In this year's championship, Troti have 19 wins and only 5 defeats, of which they were successful 11 ​​times at home, losing only one game. On the road, Troti have won 8 times, they have been defeated 4 times, in the last ten games they have a win-loss ratio of 9: 1. In the regular season, they finished 2nd only for LTH Castings.

Portorož has won 13 matches, lost 12 times, on the home field they have a win / loss ratio of 7: 5, on the road 6:7, in the last ten matches the win / loss ratio is 5: 5.
In the regular season, Portorož took 6th place.

Litija and Celje will play a decisive third match in Litija to qualify for the semifinals, the match will be played on 5.4. at 7 p.m.
The winner is expected by LTH Castings on Thursday 7.4. at 7 pm in Škofja Loka.

On Wednesday, important meetings will be played in the fight for survival in the 2nd SKL between:
VBO Ljubljana and Medvode and Postojna and AKK Branikom.
The last three teams are fighting for survival in the 2nd SKL.

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