On Saturday TROTI in Portorož

After a high defeat of 74:89 in Novo Mesto, Portorož hosts Troti from Novo mesto on Saturday. The match will be held in the sports hall in Lucia at 6 p.m. FANS ARE INVITED!

The second semi-final match of the 2nd SKL play-off between the teams was also played LTH Castings from Škofja Loka and Litija. The favored citizens of Škofja Loka celebrated highly, beating Litija by as much as 50 points!

LTH CASTINGS - LITIJA 104: 54 (21: 11, 19: 12, 37: 13, 27: 18) and took the lead with the result 1: 0. Two play-off matches were played during the week.

Postojna lost unhappily in the last second of the match, thus wasting the opportunity to get a spot to stay in the 2nd SKL two games before the end of the play-off. In order to survive, the team of Postojna must first beat VBO Ljubljana away, and then they must also beat Brinox Medvode at home. In the case of a round of three teams, Medvode is in the worst position, as they have to beat AKK Branik in the next round with the highest possible difference, as they are playing against Postojna in the last round. With two victories in the last two, Postojna has a guaranteed survival in the 2nd league.

KD PVC NAGODE POSTOJNA - AKK BRANIK 76 - 77 ( 15:20, 21:19, 16: 25, 24:13 )

VBO LJUBLJANA - BRINOX MEDVODE 71: 101 ( 12:35, 24:17, 21:29, 14: 20 )


1. PVC NAGODE POSTOJNA 351: 324 +27 2. AKK BRANIK 383: 394 -11 3. BRINOX MEDVODE 355: 371 -16

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