On Saturday, September 26, the KK Portorož FIRST team will start the competition
in the 2nd SKL.
The start of the competitions will be marked by the situation with Covid-19.
As a result, most second-league matches will be closed to spectators. The first second league match KK Portorož – Troti Novo mesto will also

be played on Saturday at 8 pm without spectators. Only officials and team escorts will have the right to view in accordance with the instructions of Covid-19 – KZS.


Portorož starts the 2nd SKL with much younger team.

The team will be led by coach Samo Miško, with the help of assistant Denis Nusdorfer.

From last year’s team, the following remained in the team: Aleks Cvetičanin, Alen Katonar, Andraž Rogelja, Deni Hodžič, Luka Krmac, Marko Jovanovič and Aleksa Kojadinovič.
The team includes youngsters: Jurij Pišot, Jean Nejc Cvetičanin, Mujo Semanić, Peter Tumpič Bordon, Jan Vogrin and Anej Godec.
Newcomers to the team are: David Vac, Nemanja Šćekić, Maksim Gorbachov and young Mik Rodman.
The average age of the team is 20.5 years.