Livestream Portorož – 742 views

Record number of spectators of the match BC Portorož - BC Brinox Medvode.
The match was watched by 742 spectators.
Unfortunately, the system for displaying the result and time of the game did not work in Livestream.
We hope that the initial difficulties in implementing the system will be resolved by
the next home matches against the leading team 2. SKL LTH Castings from Škofja Loka.
The match will be on Saturday 3.4. at 8 pm at ŠS Lucija.

The Nutrispoint Ilirija - Gorica match was also broadcast live and was watched by 338 spectators.
The match was also broadcast live on its own channel by Ljubljana, and the match against Litija was watched by 7 spectators.

Other matches are played in the video: Prunk Butchery - LTH Castings 73 views,
Celje - Troti - 52 views.

The data shows that “live” broadcasts are significantly more interesting for fans than watching matches when the outcome is already known.

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