High defeat of first team against Illyria

The first team  of KK Portorož ended with the matches of the regular part of the championship in a shortened form due to the epidemic. In the last match, the decimated team from Portorož lost again and registered their fifth consecutive defeat. This time, the Illyrian team was much too strong, winning all four quarters smoothly 14:22, 19:24, 15:26 and 13:21 for a high 32 points differences, final result 61:93. Thus, Portorož will finish the competition in 6th or 7th place, depending on the outcome of LTH Castings - Litija. If LTH wins, Portorož will be 6th and LTH will be the opponent of Portorož in the first round of the playoffs. In case of Litija's victory, it will be the final 7th place and the opponent of Nutrispoint Ilirija With a high victory over Litija, Troti secured the first place in the playoffs a round before the end, so far they have suffered only one defeat, namely in the first round against Portorož in Lucija. The second match that decided to qualify for the Play-offs was played in Maribor, where the home team overtook the Gorica team after a hard fight and thus secured 8th place in the standings, in the playoffs their opponent Troti will be. The first round of the playoffs looks like this: 1. Troti Novo Mesto - AKK Branik 2. Nutrispoint Ilirija Ljubljana - Portorož or Litija 3. LTH Castings Škofja Loka - Portorož or Litija 4. KD PVC Nagode Postojna - Ljubljana In the semifinals, the winners of pairs 1-4 and 2-3 meet. In the Play-out for places 9.-12- play: Gorica, Celje, SME Sežana and Brinox Medvode. No team is eliminated this year.

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