First team Winnera in Pula, and older pioneers in Izola

It is a very successful weekend for the member team that took part in the traditional Josip Joža Sever Memorial Tournament in Pula. Here we would like to thank the organizers from KK Pula 1981 for their hospitality, helpfulness and excellent organization. We went to the tournament without Marko Jovanović and Janko Kilibarda, who were absent due to personal commitments. Unfortunately, we lost David Vac for the entire season, who suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in the last preparatory match against Jadran and will undergo surgery next week. We wish David a quick and successful return to this position. Unfortunately, captain Cvetičanin, Kavgić and Svit Rogelja had to leave the tournament after the semi-final due to personal commitments and illness, so we played the final with nine players. We defeated both opponents superbly and at the same time offered the opportunity to play to all the boys, including 16-year-old Jerne Cergol, who made his debut in the member's team and scored the first point. Good work is quickly noticed and rewarded even faster, which should be a motivation for the other boys in the youth drive. Haskić, Andraž Rogelja and Škerbec were in the running for player of the tournament, who received the title of MVP of the tournament thanks to the additional vote received from the coach of Portorož.


PULA 1981 - POREČ 83:62 (23:21, 16:14, 28:7, 16:20)

Pula 1981: Vučinić 2, Milivojević 8, Lonzar 9, Božić 18, Damjanac, Vinčić 4, Škara 2, Šupljika 2, Komadina 11, Fabijanić 6, Klarić 17, Pušić 4. Trener: Šljuka.

Poreč: Udovičić, Rubil 5, Matošević 3, Tomičić 2, Damjanović, Cvijić 14, Grubiša 10, Jurica, Dojkić 26, Banko, Bašić 2. Trener: Marčinko.

PORTOROŽ - KRALJEVICA 94:74 (24:17, 23:!7, 31:19, 16:21)

Portorož: S.Rogelja, Cergolj 1, Krmac 14, Kavgić 10, Haskić 10, Končar 6, Rodman 3, Škerbec 21, A.Rogelja 19, Bordon 3, Cvetičanin 5, Vogrin 2. Trener: Nusdorfer.

Kraljevica: Prica, Mitić, Protega 22, Paštar 4, Vranković 14, Konjević 9, Kalac 7, Mohorić 2, Brletić 3, Maglić, Zubalj, Jurković 13. Trener: Salamun.


POREČ - KRALJEVICA 76:93 (15:23, 14:12, 21:34, 26:24)

Poreč: Udovičić 3, Rubil 24, Matošević 4, Damjanović 7, Cvijić 9, Grubiša 10, Nikolić 14, Jurica, Banko, Bašić 5. Trener: Marčinko.

Kraljevica: Prica, Mitić 11, Protega 14, Paštar, Vranković 23, Konjević 17, Kalac 8, Mohorić 5, Brletić 3, Maglić, Zubalj 5, Jurković 7. Trener: Salamun.


PULA 1981 - PORTOROŽ 53:84 (21:27, 14:20. 8:21, 10:16)

Pula 1981: Vučinić, Milivojević 9, Lonzar 2, Božić 21, Damjanac, Vinčić 4, Škara 2, Šupljika 11, Fabijanić 4, Kalčić, Perković. Trener: Šljuka.

Portorož: Cergolj, Krmac 9, Haskić 23, Končar 1, Rodman 5, Škerbec 18, A.Rogelja 18, Bordon 10, Vogrin. Trener: Nusdorfer

Picture: "Group picture of the finalists of KK Portorož and home team KK Pula 1981"

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the Špar Mini Cup tournament was held in Izola, where our team defeated the locals and Koper and deservedly qualified for the next round.

KK Izola : KK Portorož - 33:42

"We started the match against Izola well in attack, but bad in defense. After 1/4, the home team was better by 6 points, in 2/4 we stepped on the gas and with a good defense, and quickly took the lead against the attack. In 3/ 4 we had a problem in attack, we were too static and not aggressive enough in defense. So the home team managed to equalize the result and even took the lead. So 4/4 we started with a 2 point deficit, but after good defense and circulating the ball in attack, we calmly brought the game to the end and won. I would like to praise the boys for their fight and desire." Mujo Semanić assistant coach

KK Portorož : Bc Koper Modri - 46:35

Despite the difficult first match, we did not run out of strength. We started the game as we should and already led by 10 points in the first quarter. We managed to keep this lead until the end of the game. "I congratulate the boys for the fight, they showed that they know how to play well in defense as well as in attack." Marko Pejčić, coach of the u14 team

Already tomorrow, on Monday, we have the return match of the qualifications of younger members in ŠD Lucija. The coastal derby against the BC Kopra team will start at 20:30, our boys are defending their advantage of 18 points from the first match. On Saturday, the first round of the members' 2nd SKL follows, when we host the KK Janče team from Ljubljana at 19:00. The president of the club decided to reward the loyal audience in the first round with free entry to ŠD Lucija, so we will see as many as possible.

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