First team of sixth palce in the 2nd SKL after regular work

The regular part of the truncated 2nd SKL championship ended with the remaining matches of the 8th round of the 2nd SKL. With the victory of LTH Castings over Litija (79:69), the team from Škofja Loka won the third position in the playoffs, and Litija is seventh. Gorica beat Celje high (96:68), Postojna celebrated in Sežana (67:82), Branik was powerless against Trot (69:83). Already during the week, the weakened Portorož suffered 5 consecutive defeats in the series against the favored Ilirija. Today will be the match between Medvode and Ljubljana. Medvode would take the penultimate place with a victory. Ljubljana has less matches and is currently in 7th place, but it will also jump to 5th place in the event of a defeat in Medvode, as it beat both Portorož and Litija in mutual matches. AKK Branik is ahead of Gorica due to the victory in the mutual match.

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