Defeat of members in Sežana

Match 2 was played on Saturday. round 2. SKL . The sailors visited the Prunk Butcher's in Sežana.
The team from Sežana entered this season with the strongest team in the second league, thus showing their ambitions to win the top of the second league competition.
The people of Portorož arrived in Sežana weakened, without Adin Kavgič, who fell ill during the week.
Nevertheless, they resolutely resisted the favored locals until the result of 64:68 for the home team.
Then the concentration in the attack dropped after a few controversial refereeing decisions and the home team made a series of 2:18 in the last few minutes and won by a high 20 points difference. The victory of the hosts is deserved considering the course of the match, as they were more accurate in throws for 3 points (13 times they scored from 32 attempts), and Portorož completely gave up in this element (only 4 triples from 27 attempts). Throw from the game in Sežana 51%, in Portorož only 36%, Portorož also lost the jump under both baskets 36:38.
The most successful scorer for the sailors was Tim Škerbec with 24 points, and for the locals Gorbachov with 20 points.

Match statistics are on this link!

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