Defeat in Škofja Loka 82:88

In the match of the 4. round of 2. SKL Portorož was hosted by LTH Castings Škofja Loka, one of the favored teams to win the title. The Poden sports hall has always been an unfavorable terrain for sailors, and in recent years it has been regularly abandoned by defeated Portorož. The team from Portorož arrived in Škofja Loka without Katonar and with the convalescent Kavgič, which was evident in the game under the baskets and in the rebounds, which they lost (40:49). In today's match, the sailors were close to success, unfortunately in the last minutes of the match they ran out of some sports luck and concentration and the locals celebrated the victory. At the 85:82 result for the home team, Portorož wasted three consecutive attacks, the final result was set by the home team with a reliable execution of free throws after the tactical personal fouls of the sailors.
Zdolšek was the MVP , who was an unsolvable problem for the Portorož defense (he scored 23 points).
In Portorož, Radanović was the most efficient with 20 points, Cvetičanin A. and Škerbec scored 16 points each, Miklavčič 11. Rogelja was in a bad shooting day 3/12, but he was the best in rebounds for the sailors (11 jumps).
Statistical effectiveness Radanović (22), Cvetičanin A. (16), Škerbec (12), Rogelja and Miklavčič (10).
The referee criterion for asigning personal fouls was not balanced, because of that the home team performed 29 free throws, Portorož only 14, unfortunately many fouls , especially over Rogelja, were unpunished.
The next match will be played by Portorož during the week in the SPAR Cup against Ipros Vrhnika, and next Saturday the strong team of KD PVC NAGODE Postojna will be guests.

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