Decent resistance against LTH Castings

In the remaining match of the 7th round of the 2nd SKL, Portorož hosted the third-ranked team LTH Castings. The decimated home team offered a decent resistance, they won the first quarter with 25:23, at half time the guest left with a 4 point advantage of 44:48. In the second half, the home team ran out of strength, they played again with only six players and the experienced visiting team gained a high advantage, which the home team managed to reduce by the end of the match and mitigate the 79:92 defeat. With the victory, the LTH Castings team has already secured at least the 3rd position in the playoffs (probably only for Troti and Ilirija).

In the other two matches of the day, Ljubljana and Nutrispoint Ilirija won. Ljubljana beat Gorica, high with 90:67, and Nutrispoint Ilirija beat the rejuvenated SME team Sežana with a result of 91:62. With this, Sežanci lost their chances for the playoffs and will compete in the playoffs for places 9-12, as they also have in the event of a victory against KD PVC Nagode Postojna defeat against both AKK Branik and KD Gorica, these two teams will fight for the finals in a match on 5 May. in Maribor. Despite the defeat, KK Portorož secured a place in the playoffs (6-8th position). Ljubljana and Litija are also in the finals, the 8th participant in the playoffs will be decided by the match between Maribor and Gorizia.

The first four places also seem to have already been awarded (as long as there are no major surprises in the remaining matches, there will be scale as follows: 1. Troti, 2. Nutrisponit Ilirija, 3. LTH Castings Škofja Loka and 4. KD PVC Nagode Postojna.

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