Ljubljana - Members of the Executive Board of the Basketball Association of Slovenia decided at the 49th regular session, which took place at a distance, that in the current competition season 2020/2021, competitions in the third and fourth leagues will not be played. in both leagues was adopted on the basis of the fact that the teams in the 3rd and 4th SKL for members: - they cannot carry out the contact training process (up to 10 people are allowed to practice with a distance of at least two meters); - some teams in the 4th SKL have not played any matches for members this season (the remaining one), and the last matches were played by the teams before that on March 7, 2020, ie more than a year ago; - teams in the 3rd SKL for members played only three or some teams four matches this season;

and given the fact that in order to run the competition regularly, teams would have to: - in the 3rd SKL to play seven more rounds of regular work, semi-finals and finals and the league for survival: a total of 12 or 13 playing dates would be needed to carry out the competition; - in the 4th SKL to play five or six matches of regular work, and the league for promotion to the 3rd SKL: together we would need 9 to 12 playing dates to carry out the competition;

In addition, the Ordinance on Temporary Restrictions on the Implementation of Sports Programs currently allows basketball competitions on the Nova KBM League, the 1st SKL for women, the Member Cup, the 2nd SKL for members and the 1st SKL for juniors and the 1st SKL for juniors. .

Consequently, the Executive Committee of KZS adopted the following resolutions at its meeting: Decision 1: Competitions in the 3rd and 4th SKL for members in the 2020/2021 competition season are coming to an end. Competitions in the younger age categories, with the exception of the competition in the 1st SKL for boys and girls U19, which are taking place, are trying to organize, if there is a release of measures and the possibility of training and competitions.

Decision 2: Players of member age categories 3 and 4 SKL will be allowed to transfer to clubs 1 and 2 SKL until Wednesday, March 24, 2021. Players of the younger age categories of the club that has ceased operations will be allowed to transfer to other clubs until Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

At the last session, in addition to the decisions on the continuation of competitions, the KZS Executive Board accepted several sports associations as members of the KZS, including the newly established BC Koper.

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