Branik wins in Celje

Celje suffered a high defeat at home against AKK Branik and thus lost all chances for the playoffs. On the other hand, AKK Branik has opened the door to the playoffs, for which it needs two more victories, namely at home against Gorica and against Trot. The match Branik - Gorica will be 5.5. seems to decide which of the opponents will be ranked among 8. The result of the match in Celje: Celje-AKK Branik 50:71.

With the victory, AKK Branik jumped to 8th place. In the Play-out, Celje also joined the Brinox Medvode team.

Tomorrow, there are three matches of the 7th round on which the Primorska teams plays:

Portorož - LTH Castings ( 15.00 Lucija Hall),

Ljubljana - Gorica and

Nutrispoint Ilirija - MSP Sežana.

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