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Ljubljana – The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted a Decree on temporary restrictions on the implementation of sports programs. There are some changes in the Decree, which also enable the implementation of competitions in the 2nd SKL for members and the 1st SKL for juniors and the 1st SKL for juniors. Below you will find additional explanations related to the latest ordinance.

In accordance with the published decree and the interpretation of the decree, which are published at the links below

A) Training is allowed for all registered athletes in accordance with the Sports Act (over 12 years) but in groups of up to 10 people, taking into account all measures: contactless sports training is allowed, which is performed individually or in a group of up to ten athletes with continuous maintaining at least 2 meters of interpersonal distance;

B) Trainings and matches can be carried out in the following categories: 1. SKL members, 1. SKL members, 2. SKL members, 1. A and 1. B SKL juniors, 1. SKL juniors;
These categories are not subject to the restrictions set out in point a (for example: as the 1st SKL trainings for members have taken place so far – contact is allowed…);

C) The implementation of the Cup competition will most likely be allowed in the next decree and will then be able to start;


A) For all trainings of teams from 15 February onwards, participating in competitions that are currently taking place, or. will be able to take place, a negative test will be required: rapid or PCR, which will not be older than 7 days;

B) For all matches from 15 February onwards, it will be necessary to submit a negative test of all persons who will be present in the hall during the match: all team members, assistant referees, referees, security guards, cleaners, recorders, persons to wipe the playing surface, etc. ;

It is not yet known whether the costs of the clubs for these tests will be reimbursed – we will provide you with this information no later than Monday.
For the time being, only clubs are eligible for the cost of testing team members participating in the highest rank of the competition or in international and / or international regional competitions (but not for all other officials in the competition);

C) A negative test is required from Monday, February 15 onwards;

D) Athletes who are not allowed to compete but will carry out the training process (teams listed in point 1. a) do not need negative tests. A negative test, which will not be older than 7 days, is needed only by coaches or. professional staff who will be present at the trainings;

It is not yet known whether the costs of the clubs for these tests will be reimbursed – we will provide you with this information no later than Monday, but we will make every effort to reimburse these costs to the clubs.

All of the above is current information provided by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports at today’s joint meeting, with the aim that clubs can prepare for the implementation of the training process next week.

On Sunday, 14 February, the OKS for branch associations will organize a meeting on the topic of the release of measures in the field of sports, at which we will be present, so that we will send you confirmation of the above information and additional explanations, most likely regarding co-financing of testing.

Is there a limit of 10 people per enclosure?
No. In a large hall, which is, for example, 1,000 m2 in size and can be divided into several parts, several groups of 10 people can train at the same time, each of whom must have their own professional guidance and exercise at a safe distance is prescribed.

Is a minimum square footage per person indoors prescribed?
No. Only the safety distance is prescribed. The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports advises that 20 m2 is available for each person, but this is only a recommendation that is not written in the decree.

What happens if the hall owner does not want to open the hall under the conditions?
If the club has problems with the owner of the hall or the manager, it should contact the Basketball Association of Slovenia, and the Association will contact the ministry responsible for sports, which will urge the owner / manager of the hall.

In the decree, in Article 3, in paragraph 6, indent 1, it is written that the test must be at most 24 hours old?
True: an error has occurred, the test should not be older than 7 days.

Can a person submit a rapid test or is a PCR test required?
A person may submit a negative rapid test (HAG) or PCR test result.

Do people who have survived Covid-19 need to be tested?
Not if:
– have a certificate of a positive PCR or HAG test result that is more than 21 days old but not more than six months old, or
– have a doctor’s certificate that they have had COVID-19 and no more than six months have passed since the onset of symptoms.
Test certificates shall be taken into account if they have been issued in the Member States of the European Union or the Schengen area or by organizations or individuals in third countries by the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food (hereinafter : NLZOH) are identified as appropriate and are published on the NLZOH website.

Do people who have been vaccinated have to be tested?
Not if:
– have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate proving that at least seven days have passed since receiving the second dose of Biontech / Pfizer, MODERNA at least 14 days and AstraZeneca at least 21 days.

Can clubs that take part in competitions that can take place play preliminaries?
Preparatory matches (matches that are not part of the official competition system and as such are not recorded in the KZS competition system) belong to the process of sports training and should be understood as part of the training process. So yes, clubs can play prep matches (only those that can also compete).

When will the competitions allowed by the new ordinance resume?
We will inform you in the coming days about the exact date of the resumption of the competitions, which have been suspended and may continue. In any case, we will pursue the goal of starting the competitions gradually and ensuring a gradual process of sports training, which means that the competitions will not start earlier than four weeks after the release of the measures.

Clubs must take into account when training and matches:
– protocol for the organization of KZS matches: PROTOCOL KZS

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