2. SKL – ROUND 5

After a break of several months due to the epidemic, the fighting in the 2nd SKL for men continues. During the week, two backlog matches were played, where new victories were recorded by the team LTH Castings and Troti. Both winning teams showed good form and ambitions to fight for the top spot in the 2nd SKL. In addition to the heavily strengthened Nutrispoint Ilirija team, they are both among the favorites to win the 2nd SKL title.

The matches of the 5th round will show the readiness of the teams in the continuation of the season.

The fifth round of the 2nd SKL for men will start tonight at 20:30 with the match Ilirija - Gorica. For the continuation of the championship, Ilirija strengthened strongly (Vončina, Durnik, Julevič) and showed clear ambitions to advance to the first place of the 2nd SKL and thus to advance to the 1st SKL. In the match, the locals are the undisputed favorite in terms of resounding reinforcements. Tomorrow, at 15:45, the players from Ljubljana and Litija will first step on the floor. The outcome of the match is unpredictable given the position on the scale. In other matches in Sežana, the undefeated LTH Castings team is also hosting, which is thus favored in the match with the young Sežana team. The Branik team is coming to Postojna, the home team has strengthened with Matija Radanovič, an experienced winger and they have the role of the favorite in the match. Troti are playing in Celje, Celje is chasing its first victory in the championship, and the people of Dolenjska probably have different plans.

The match from Portorož will be broadcast "live" on the Youtube portal KZS and on the Youtube portal KK Portorož.

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